Volunteers are critical to the success of Lost Our Home, we wouldn't be able to help and care for the many pets and pet parents who come to the shelter without the support of our community. Committed volunteers socialize, walk and play with pets as well as helping with offsite adoption events and other events, maintain the cleanliness of the shelter, help support the front desk and more!

Administrative Support Maintain cleanliness of merchandise shelves and ensure that items are displayed and hung neatly.

Animal Care Assistance Provide dogs and cats with clean, comfortable housing that leads to healthier happier and ultimately more adoptable animals.

Animal Socialization Spend quality one-on-one time with our pets to keep them happy, healthy and adoptable by playing with and petting them, reading to them, and grooming.

Dog Transport Assist with dog transports to and from the veterinary office and other shelters.

Dog Walker (outdoor and/or treadmill) Exercise and socialize dogs by walking them in designated areas on our property and in the community. May also train with a designated volunteer to walk/run dogs indoors on the treadmill. Must be comfortable retrieving, collaring and walking dogs pursuant to safety rules.

Fosters Care for animals that are not yet ready for adoption, including animals too young for adoption, nursing moms, animals needing supportive health care or time to recover after surgery, temporary placements for owners in transition, and pets that need a place to stay if the rescue is full. Fosters must complete the online Foster application and attend Foster Orientation.

Groom and Bathe Groom and bathe animals available for adoption (primarily dogs) to help keep them healthy and in good appearance for potential adopters.

Off-site Adoption Events Assist the Cat Room Manager with greeting and interacting with PetSmart customers that visit the Cat Rooms at two of our PetSmart partner locations in Tempe.

Pet-Food Bank Organize Pet Food Bank supply room shelves and record, inventory and shelve in-kind donations of cat litter, pet food, and more.

Special Events Assist with our annual Holiday Champagne Brunch & Auction in December that helps support our programs and services. We also staff the event from our regular volunteer pool.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer for Lost Our Home, please fill in the volunteer application by clicking the link below. We have flexible shifts seven days a week that can fit any schedule. An orientation is required before start date. If you are required to perform community service for any reason, please let us know in advance. 
For any questions, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at  Volunteering@lostourhome.org or (602) 445-7397.


For corporate and large group volunteering opportunities please email Volunteering@lostourhome.org

Become a Foster

For every foster that opens their heart and home to a pet, that is another pet saved from suffering, and possible death. A foster parent takes in the pet as their own: they love the pet, help the pet adapt to a new home, and take care of all their daily needs. As a foster parent, you will buy the food, litter, and various other daily pet-care necessities; however, all medical expenses will be covered by Lost Our Home Pet Foundation. If you require such items as beds, food bowls, toys, etc, we would be happy to give them to you if they have been donated and are readily available. As a foster parent, you will also talk to potential adopters, informing them of details you acquire during fostering, such as the personality or temperament of the pet. In this way, the individual(s) interested in adopting the pet can better decide if the pet is right for their family.

Foster parents play an integral role in our organization; in fact, they are the most important element. Without foster parents to care for pets we rescue, we wouldn't be able to rescue any. If you want to foster, but can’t afford the pet food, litter, or other pet-care necessities, we can make accommodations to provide those items.

We need intermediate fosters that foster pets until they are adopted, and temporary fosters that have isolation space and foster pets from the time they are rescued until the time they can go to a vet for a check up and vaccinations (usually within one week).

If you're interested in becoming a foster, please fill out the application below. Thank you!

Please feel free to view our FOSTER FAQ


*This is just a brief overview of the LOHPF foster program, and of course, is not meant to be all-inclusive. The experiences foster parents have are as different as the pets that come into our rescue. We are ALWAYS available by email or phone to answer questions as they arise. Thank you for joining the LOHPR foster home program. We look forward to many happy foster experiences with you.

Volunteer/Foster Log-In

You may log-in to select shift times or sign in using the Button Below! Shelter shifts, Adoption events, Special events and more If you have not signed up yet using our new volunteer system, email Volunteering@lostourhome.org to get your login information.

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